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In Active Development

3rd Place at RPI Gamefest 2018

Mytholympics is a 2D local multiplayer party game where players take control of ancient Greek gods who are competing in a modern day competition for social media fame. After years of not being in the limelight, the gods have descended from Mount Olympus to reclaim their place as heroes among men, and are willing to do anything to prove their worth.

During the development of Mytholympics, I have worn a number of hats. Primarily I have worked as a gameplay programmer. In that role, I have developed the Beach Buffet mini game alone. I have also contributed numerous improvements and bug fixes to the other mini games. Similarly, I have produced multiple prototype mini games that have not yet been skinned with art and added to the game. I am also responsible for all of the playable tutorial screens before each mini game.

Another hat I have worn has been that of sound designer. All of the sound effects in Mytholympics have either been created or hand picked by me. I have also been the main point of contact between ZAAN and our composer Christoper Carlone.

Finally, I am responsible for the online presence of ZAAN Games and Mytholympics. I created the games website, and I manage all of our social media pages.

Personal Research: During the course of the Mytholympics, I have also be researching how designers and developers can use mechanics and other gameplay elements to influence, improve, and increase local interactions of players playing a local multiplayer game.

Mytholympics originally began life as the Graduate Capstone Project of ZAAN Games in the Game Design and Development MS program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. ZAAN Games is Zhehui Qian, Akshay Rachapudi, Nathaniel Blair, and myself.