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Fingers Revenge

Fingers Revenge is a finger shooter currently in development. What is a finger shooter you might ask? It is a new type of game where your finger is the main character. Rather than your in game avatar being a sprite character, your finger on the screen represents your location in the game space. It's like VR, but better. In Fingers Revenge you must dodge and shoot at obstacles and reach the finish line. The game has preset and procedural levels, and a seamless and beautiful set of finger and pixel based assets.

I am one of the two people working on Fingers Revenge. My partner in crime is Peter Lockhart. I am personally responsible for the level management systems, the menu screens, the art assets (yes those are my own 10 digits you see in the game), and many minor gameplay elements. For a more detailed list of my personal contributions, feel free to look at the Github commits page.