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Rise of the Wheelchair Racer

Rise of the Wheelchair Racer is a 2D speedrunning platformer made in MonoGame. It was developed by Scope Hammer Studios, a fictitious game development company consisting of Ryan King, Alex Hoshino, Blair Bowden, and myself. The four of us developed the game as a final project in a game development course.

I was the project lead for Rise of the Wheelchair Racer. My responsibilities included scheduling, task management, and code integration. I also served as the Engine Developer, and I was responsible for many of the systems working under the hood that made the game run the way it does. For example, I programmed the tile engine, which handles drawing the level to the screen, as well as loading it in from a text file. I was also responsible for camera class which allows the game to be viewed properly. Later in the development process I retroactively added the difficulty system, and helped fix most of the bugs that arose in other team member's code.